The Shred Collective is a Banff based program which can offer you a helping hand in your snowboard pathway for whatever direction you want your board to take you. We offer: 

-Banff based freestyle coaching programs for Alberta based riders gearing up for provincial and national level events.  

-Training camps for Canadian and International riders working towards international level events.  

-Summer training options in Wanaka, New Zealand.  

-Avalanche Safety courses in association with Avalanche Canada  

-Private guided trips in Western Canada  


Andrew Manuel, Program Director  

Andrew grew up in Newfoundland Canada before making the move to Banff in 2006 to chase a snowboard dream. He has been a snowboard educator ever since, racking up 34 winters back and forth between Banff and New Zealand. During this time he has had a wide range of roles and been fortunate enough to work with a huge pool of amazing riders from all across the globe. Riders he has worked with have moved on to become national team riders in multiple nations, top level coaches, backcountry guides and industry professionals. Andrew is as happy on a board teaching 360’s to groms as he is helping riders work through their first doubles on a big line.  

Career highlights: 

-Guiding snowcat and splitboard tours in Hokkaido Japan.  

-Coaching the Canadian Team at the 2019 Uni Games in SIberia. 

-Coaching Kiwi athletes at the 2023 JR world Champs in New Zealand 

-Helping countless young rippers start out at a grassroots level  

-Certifying over 500 coaches and instructors.  


-Canada Snowboard Competition Development coach. Master Coach Developer. 

-Canadian Ski Guide Association, LVL 1 guide, glacier skills course.  

-Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors. LVL 4 +Park 2 Instructor. Evaluator LVL 1,2,3+Park 1+2 

-Canadian Avalanche Association, Operations 1, AVSAR course, Avalanche Practitioner member  

-80hr Wilderness first aid  

-FIS Certified Judge  


My son Keani has now been riding with Andrew for 2 years in NZ and last winter we decided to join Andy on a camp in Canada. The continuous year round development allowed him to refine most of his existing tricks and come back to NZ with a whole stack of new ones. As a result this winter he made the NZ team for the Junior world champs.  

Andy has a wealth of knowledge and has a practical and methodical approach to teaching. He is motivating, supportive, a great communicator and is able to unlock and access the kids potential. 

Rachael W, Queenstown NZ.  


Andrew always knew how to keep it fun and helped me create my love and passion for snowboarding at a young age. 

-Brook D'Hondt Canadian National Team Halfpipe athlete, 2022 Winter Olympian


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